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My name is Anabel Escalante...
I made this site as a tribute to Joss Stone, because I am really grateful for all the things she did, and still doing for me… Her songs helps me in the rehabilitation of kids with disabilities….besides, her music enhancing my feelings and relieves my soul... Joss is a gifted woman, but her gift is not her voice, I think her voice is the instrument to develop her real gift…she was made to do great things in this crazy crazy world beyond her voice and music... she got the power of transmit feelings through  her music, and make feel good to the people…also, Joss is a wonderful human being

                        that's why I named her my...  Soul's Healer

My intention is shared with Joss Stone's fans and keep me in touch with all  lovely people I met when I was administrator of her official forums... and of course, for make new friends
What Will you find here?
At first a statement made by Joss Stone which has a lot of meanning to me: "Doesn't matter where you're from, never has or will, music is a universal language and I am grateful for anyone who's into what I do , and I hope to spread love and music to them all individually and equally." and the effort she always do to put together to all her fans, holding our hands and pushing as one team.
Also you can enjoy videos I've collected over 4 years, I have some mixed to provide full performances, concerts, television shows and presentations
Music, of course, Listen her beautiful and soulful music and let she transport you to a happy place.
A Jossland Worldwide's Forum no registration needed, a chat added, find lyrics and more, you can coment about this site and all about Joss Stone... Make it a warm, happy and fun place.
Redirections to others Joss' sites in America, Latinamerica, Europe, Worldwide
A Guestbook... so, you can suggest me how to improve this web.
Please, visit Joss Stone's official sites linked here...and if you want... I can add yours... just let me know.
Needless to say that do not require registration or membership to this site, the forum or guestlist, because sharing is love, for me... all people are welcome.

In advance...forgives my bad English and if I did or do in the future something wrong in this web (I'm just learning to build websites)

The Joss Stone's Soulful Website
Playing Yes We Can Can